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OBT AG has decided to use Spectas:

The OBT AG with over 1'000 customers and the #6 audit company in Switzerland has decided to use the Spectas audit solution after a detailed evaluation.

We chose Spectas because we believe the software is currently the most advanced audit solution. The interactivity in the tool, the red thread through the audit as well as the direct exchange with the customer in the secure area convinced us completely.



Andrea Cuka, licensed audit expert, partner Thalmann Treuhand AG, Weinfelden

The BDO Liechtenstein AG with well over 1’000 customers is reliant to perform efficiently their audits. BDO Liechtenstein has decided to use Spectas to achieve a high standard on quality and efficiency. Thanks to the modern architecture of Spectas we can work location independent, efficient and legally compliant as a team.



Herbert Bischof, BDO (Liechtenstein) AG,  Managing Partner / Auditor


We use Spectas for our ordinary audits. It's simple, workable and has everything you ask for. We also appreciate the qualified and fast support of Spectas as well as their ability to integrate new optimization ideas.


Dieter Baumann, certified accountant, lic. oec. HSG, licensed audit expert RAB, Chairman Urs Baumann + Partner AG, Reinach BL


Unico Treuhand AG has introduced Spectas step by step and now more than 12 employees, from different locations, are working with Spectas. With Spectas we do have an audit tool on the highest level, pragmatically implemented also for the SME audit.


Michel Nyffenegger, licensed audit expert, certified public accountant, lic. rer. pol., partner and member of VR + GL Unico Treuhand AG, Burgdorf


With Spectas, we have largely digitized our audit process and have significantly increased our efficiency. Our new employee was able to work directly with Spectas without training.


Urs Niederer, licensed audit expert, Alder Treuhand, Heiden


Spectas is a simple and efficient tool, even if you only do a few revisions a year. Thanks to the web solution it can be used on any device with browser without previous installation.


Michael Jehli, trustee with Swiss FA, certified auditor (RAB), Managing Director / Partner Rezia Treuhand AG, Chur

Auditing digital

  • Integrated, electronic document storage

  • Electronic signature with the solution recommended by EXPERT SUISSE Skribble

  • Direct document exchange with your client

  • Online survey of the client

  • Simple work in a team (location-independent, targeted access)

  • Updates automatically available (Regulatory requirements)

  • Immediately available, as no installations / hardware (server) necessary

Spectas featured
  • Limited revision (SER 2015)

  • Proper revision (HWP, PS2013)

  • Consolidated Financial Statements (HWP)

  • Pension funds (PH 40)

  • QS1

  • Templates

  • Reporting

  • Data import financial statement

Spectas is partner of:

Simple & efficient
audit execution
  • Immediate overview of all clients and the current revision

  • Transparent and flexible exam process

  • Impressive reduction of administration effort
    (Document procurement, filing and integrated referencing)

  • Easy handling, self-explanatory, no training necessary

  • Automatic documentation of the audit quality

  • Secure access from anywhere
  • Data backup and store Switzerland according to Swiss Ebanking Standards (Swisscom)
  • Central filing of all mandate data
  • Geo-redundant document storage

Minimize your administrative work and improve

your quality assurance at the same time!

Have overview and control over your clients and audits at a glance

The cockpit shows you audit areas with increased risk and materiality relevance

Your client can upload their documents encrypted using drag & drop

The auditor creates the list of required documents

The client uploads the documents directly in Spectas

Link documents directly to the positions or use the central storage

The audit procedures of the SER2015/HWP are available to you

Work with the team from anywhere with all documents

Document your internal quality control according to guideline QS1

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